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MRSR #1925 & #2060 & MRSA #2244

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Our Crews made a Blueprint of the wood & numbered every piece during the removal process! Then the wood itself went thru a Mold Remediation, sprayed with Mold Preventatives & kept in an Climate controlled area until the room was ready for it to be reassembled!

This 120 year Old Historical  Pecky Cypress ceiling had Mold Damage on the backside of the wood & had to be dismantled!

About Us

Hurricane Experience

Hurricane Andrew, 92 (Miami-Dade)

Tropical Storm Gordan, 94 (South Florida)

Hurricane Irene, 99 (South Florida)

Hurricane Katrina 2005 (South  Miami- Dade)

Hurricane Wilma, 2005 (South Florida )

Hurricane Irma (Keys) 2017

Hurricane Dorian  Bahamas (2019)

2 Generations Of Experience Covering 4 Decades

Some of our Clients

Broward County Facilities Maintenance

African American Art Museum

Pro Football Players

Circa 39 Hotel

Pro Golfers

Low End & High End Realtors

Property Managers

During Hurricane Dorian we helped our sister company in the Bahamas completing jobs at,

BWA Food Wholesalers, RBC Bank, Teachers Salaried Workers Credit Union in Freeport & Abaco, Bahamas, plus countless homes & businesses!

(Excellent References Upon Request)

Our crews have knowledge no book can teach you, only time & experience can!

Terramar Restoration Specializes in

Mold Removal, Mold Treatment & Mold Prevention Services, Mold Removal on Personal Property!

( Pick Up or Drop Off Available by Appointment)

Terramar’s Mold Remediation Specialist can clean just about any Personal Items you have including but not limited to: Moldy Pictures, Art Work, Furnishings, Purses, Shoes, Belts, Keepsakes or anything else you may Value!

If your belongings have Mold Growth on them don’t just throw them away, Call The Mold Professionals 1st

If it means something to you.. it means something to us!

120 year old Historical Ceilings

Document Drying & Decontamination

Whole Banks


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Terramar Restoration Inc.

William has been doing Mold Remediation/ Water Damage/ Disaster Restoration projects since 1992 too present! He was also responsible for the clean up of the Water & Mold Damage for Broward County after Hurricane Wilma, completing The North Tower of the Court House, 7 libraries, Public Safety Building & a few others!

 Steven was a licensed Mold Remediator in 2008 when the law first passed & was the youngest at the time to get his license! He went to work performing Mold Remediations & Water Damage Dry-outs for Broward County right out of High School!

Combined they have done 1000’s of jobs in Residential Homes, Commercial Buildings & Personal Property!

All the photo’s on our site depict work Performed by Terramar Restoration’s owners or Tech’s

We believe word of mouth advertising is the best advertisement you can have & we work hard to keep that reputation up, by delivering with Top Quality Service at reasonable prices year after year.