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State Mold License

MRSR #1925 & #2060

Leak Detection / Moisture Mapping

 Moisture mapping is very important during Water Damage dry-out and finding leaks that are not visible, basically moisture mapping is taking moisture content(MC) & Relative Humidity(RH) readings of areas affected by the water loss or suspected water leaks.

  A clear & affective plan for dry-out can be designed with having the Moisture readings gathered from the Moisture mapping performed, it will identify all wet walls & contents and assist in telling you how much equipment is needed for the drying process. Moisture mapping also tells you during the dry down process if it is effective or if other drying processes need to be performed.

Our assessor’s use the GE Protimeter w/BLD5800l Data logging software.

In this one it shows 217 this translates to 21.7% moisture content, this is considered fair, but It also indicates that the moisture levels are starting to get on the High side of safe, meaning that it can support mold Growth.

In this picture the Moisture meter shows 179 this translate to 17.9% moisture content at this location, This is considered good.

This picture shows the visible water staining & Mold damage on the outside of the shower, after removing the vanity. The meter in pictures above shows how high up the wall moisture contents go up the wall, from a leak at the bottom of the wall. When readings were done on the vanity it should that side of the vanity at 100% indicating that’s where the leak was. By using the Moisture reader we were able to zoom in on the spot of origin.

If you think you have a leaking window, shower pan, tile walls in showers, roof, A/C, etc.. or just have a musty smell. Contact us for a Moisture reading inspection. It could save you Thousands in Mold remediation Cost, by identifying it before it gets worse.

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Here the damage to the baseboards is visible and purplish staining can been seen in the center of the picture on the drywall. This wall is an exterior wall,  the damage is coming from outside 5 foot up the wall, that is where the 2nd floor house trim meets the wall. This is a design flaw in homes we at Terramar see a lot, worst is the damage that it causes goes undetected until it’s to late as can be seen in the picture to the right >>> the plywood has complete deterated away.