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Water Damage Dehumidification

Indoor Relative Humidity Target Goals

Poor 60% & up

Fair 50% to 60%
Good 40% to 50%

Excellent below 40%

The appropriate number of air movers and dehumidifiers that are needed to dry a building is dependent on cubic foot, square foot, amount of wet walls & amount of wet contents. Some jobs may not require dehumidification, however air movers alone only serve to move moisture from the water soaked material to the air space. If the moisture is not taken out of the air space, drying slows down and secondary moisture damage to other surfaces and contents can result. Also the length of time that the equipment is needed can be based upon achieving the desired relative humidity (RH) and moisture content (MC) in structural materials. The rate of reduction in (RH) and (MC) is the indicator of whether or not there is enough equipment or if the equipment is working properly.

Water damage dry down Machinery

The relative humidity (RH) and the moisture content (MC) of structural materials in the work environment need to be monitored and recorded on a daily basis. If the RH or MC is not dropping, additional air movers and/or dehumidifiers may be required. There are many variables in controlling moisture that need to be considered, such as elevated outside RH that can cause slower drying.@70°F and under 20% moisture content in most structural materials. Below 20% MC, the materials generally will no longer support mold growth. Some structural materials, such as hard wood flooring require an MC of 8-12% in order to prevent or correct damage.

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Monitoring and Adjustments

How long should the equipment be on the job?

Monitoring & Moisture mapping is not only necessary for determining the proper amount of equipment to be used but it is an accurate gage of when to remove equipment. Simply put the equipment should stay until the relative humidity and moisture content of structural materials is acceptable.

This does not address all of the issues about RH and MC but gives you a better under standing of what goes on. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification has published the
"IICRC Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration.


Moisture Content Target Goals during a water damage Dry out

Poor 25% & up

Fair 18% to 25%

Good 17% & below

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