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Water Damage Dry out & Damage that can cause

Time is of the essence when dealing with a water damage to a building, Applying the appropriate restoration procedures within the first couple of hours after a water loss can save thousands of dollars in restoration cost.

The primary physical damage from a water loss usually includes wet floor coverings, walls, ceilings and contents. Secondary damage to other furnishings or structural components can result from high indoor relative humidity levels or Mold Damage that may have developed from areas of the building that were not properly treated. Prompt response with the appropriate mitigation procedures is essential to minimize secondary damage and the costs of the damage done.

If a water damage is not promptly and professionally addressed within 48 hours after the Water Damage, mold and other microbes can begin to grow within the wall cavities. These microorganisms can feed on a variety of materials including wood, paper, dust, dirt & anywhere Cellulose fiber is found. While the growth of mold in the interior of the wall may not be visible, there may be a faint musty or earthy smell. In time the mold may appear on the outside of the wall as a stain or discoloration of wall covering. Recent articles have chronicled the adverse health consequences of improperly restored buildings that have been victims of water damage or flood.

Consequences of Improper Water Damage Dry-out

The Long Term Results of Improper Water Damage Dry-out

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Water Damage 1996 Palm Beach County

The Picture above is a prime example of  how water absorbs into materials, as you can see 2 inches of water on the floor can absorb up the surrounding materials, in this case Drywall up about 3 feet. This water damage was not dried out in time to prevent secondary damage, so it turned into a Mold Remediation.

Proper Moisture Readings & Dry-out could have prevented this problem, Terramar uses Wall Injection Drying systems, Dehumidifiers, Blowers and GE Pro Data Logger Moisture Readers to properly dry down the structure to standard moisture contents of 17% or less to prevent Mold Growth.

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