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Mold & the Damage It Causes
Mold is known to cause health problems and structural damage to homes & buildings. Mold spreads quickly through airborne spores. As the mold grows, it digests the surface it is attached to. This causes the surface to breakdown. So if you have mold growing on a surface that can support it , the mold is actually breaking down that surface and weakening it much like termites but in a slower form. This can have a tragic result on your home. This is the reason it’s imperative to treat and prevent any mold outbreaks & stop the moisture intrusion that is supporting it‘s growth.

Mold How it Grows & the damage it causes

In order to prevent mold from becoming a problem in our homes, we must understand how it lives, grows and reproduces. Simply put, mold is a fungus. Mold grows and sends out threadlike "roots" into the material it grows on. It’s through these "roots" that the mold actually starts to digest the surface it grows on. As the mold grows it sends out airborne spores, these spores float around until they land on a surface that is moist and the whole cycle starts all over again.

 The pictures above you can see the dark staining on the drywall & a little mold was visible on the baseboards with some water staining, after opening the wall the true extent of the Mold Damage was exposed…as can be seen in the picture on the right the plywood and studs fell apart, nothing was holding the outside stucco in place besides itself.

Mold On Furnishings

Places Likely to Have Mold Damage

 Any building or house that has suffered from flood damage or severe water damage is at high risk for mold infestation. High humidity increases this risk even further. A mold outbreak is almost guaranteed to occur in a high humidity, large water damage situation.

 Homes after Hurricanes that suffered water loss or wind damage to the roof, this is due to the fact that cleanup efforts usually do not start until several days after the event. Mold starts to grow within a few hours. The homes affected by Hurricane Katrina are a prime example of this. Due to the severe damage of the area, most homeowners could not return to their homes for clean up for many weeks after the event. Thus, a large number of these homes have been completely covered in mold.

After Mold Remediation

As you can see sometimes even thou it seems the object is lost to mold damage it can be Restored to look like nothing ever happened.

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Mold How it Grows

Common Causes of Mold >>

mold growth visible staining Mold Growth damaged caused

The Mold on the vase in the picture above was caused by High (RH)Relative Humidity that raised the (MC) Moisture Content of the wood vase allowing the Mold to take Hold and Grow, The (RH) levels stayed high for a prolong period allowing the Mold to infest about 350 pieces.

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