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State Mold License

MRSR #1925 & #2060

Disaster Clean-up

If you have lived in south Florida long enough then you have dealt with a tropical storm or Hurricane sometime in the past. We as a company like to be prepared, All our repeat customers such as Condos, Home owners, Property management companies, have reserved a spot on our priority list, insuring that if something does come our way they have a company that they can rely on with well seasoned crews.

By putting your Firm or Home on the Priority list insures you prompt service before anyone else in time of need, like they say “It’s better to be prepared.”

Just simply go to our contact us page submit a email & a Company representative will contact you with further details.

• Gas powered Truck mounted extraction machines, the sooner the water is out the less damage it will do.

•Generators to run lights, Blowers, Foggers for extraction

•Chemical applications to retard mold growth while power is out, UV Fogging

•Air Movers & Dehumidifiers as soon as Electric is available, this is always a problem after every storm

•Insurance Billing & Personal billings based on approval, because we know that money is short the days right after a hurricane

•We also network with several Roofing Contractors & General Contractors to provide any service you may need, When you need it!

Disaster Clean-up specialist

Since Terramar Restoration began we have dealt with:

Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Irene,

Hurricane Francis, Hurricane Jeanne,

Hurricane Charlie, Hurricane Wilma

Tropical Storm Gordan, Tropical Storm Ilene,

No Name storm of 2000 and many other’s.

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