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Chinese Drywall Removal

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“ No matter where it’s hiding, we find it & get rid of it ”

Terramar Restoration & Cefalo Construction CGC #1509349 have teamed up to give the best service possible for Chinese Drywall Decontamination.

 The system  we use for Chinese Drywall Remediation and deodorizing has already been implemented to complete several homes in South Florida with great results, the homes are free of any smell, and passed final inspections for re occupancy.

With our experience in restoration, containments and cleanup, it’s only natural for Terramar Restoration to do the Removal and Deodorizing of Chinese drywall & Cefalo Construction to rebuild the effects of Chinese drywall. We do it every day with Mold & Water Damages, dismantling mold infected areas, saving all Countertops, Cabinets, trim, baseboards, mirrors, wall units, or whatever it may be for reuse.


Home Owners Beware:

 Be careful of the contractor you hire, Make sure they really understand the facts behind Chinese drywall cleanup,  Terramar was called to inspect a Home after a General Contractor had finished the Chinese Drywall Removal, turns out the Contractor decided to knowingly leave some Chinese Drywall behind and even cut around it. Read more>> Chinese Drywall Gone bad

“ References are available upon request ”

The pictures below are just a few of the homes our Team has done in the city of Parkland. We even found Chinese drywall in places that were suppose to be fire rated 5/8 inch drywall on ceilings, Draft stops & Fire breaks, in the homes below. This was easy to spot with the tell tail yellow and blue labels on the ends on the sheets.

This 1 story even had Chinese drywall in between the wood archway and the coral columns making it hard to get at. This whole home had Chinese drywall even in places that were suppose to have fire rated 5/8” drywall.

This 2 story had Chinese drywall on the entire 1st floor , The 2nd floor was US made which was clearly marked.

This Home had Chinese drywall on the 1st and the 2nd floor.

Terramar Restoration and our Team of experts can get you back to normal in a timely, cost effective manner.

Chinese Drywall Removal


Chinese Drywall  Cleanup, Testing



Chinese Drywall Reconstruction

By Cefalo Construction CGC #1509349


References are available

chinese drywall removal
 reconstruction after removal
cost of recostruction
 cost of remediation

The Flash Video to the right has pictures of the homes during the Chinese drywall remediation and reconstruction process.

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Does your house smell of rotten eggs or sulfur, If so you may have one of the estimated 30,000 plus homes in Florida that have what is now know as Chinese Drywall or imported Drywall. The gases being released are reported to include carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, hydrogen sulfide, and mercaptan. It has recently been reported (4/09) that strontium sulfide or strontium sulfate may be a contaminant contributing to defective drywall.

Read more gases released by Chinese drywall

The only Known Protocol for Chinese drywall Can be found at link below, The Federal Government also stated as recent as 4/2/10 that all Contaminated drywall must be removed.

Chinese Drywall readings >>

There are several types of Chinese drywall in question, some are clearly marked like in the picture above and some have no markings at all. According to recent Federal government reports released 4/2/10 the only correct way of treating a home with Chinese drywall is to Remove it. tional/main6357580.shtml

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Chinese Drywall Removal

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