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Chinese Drywall Testing And Inspection

• Home Owners Beware •

 Be careful of the contractor you hire, Make sure they really understand the facts behind Chinese drywall cleanup.

“Rebuild gone Bad”

The home above was suppose to be done, in this case the Chinese drywall was only on the 1st floor. Two weeks after it was completed the home owner notice a smell in the home and in returned call Terramar to inspect it to verify that the Home was clear of Chinese drywall.

Upon our first visit, it was clear that some Chinese drywall was still present due to the odor, We then starting using a XRF gas emission testor and a borascope to check the second floor to be certain that the upstairs was clear of Chinese drywall and it was.

 We then starting focusing our attention on what had been redone downstairs, after several days of looking it had came to our attention that the walkway in the picture to the left above had Chinese drywall on it, We then turned our attention on the banister poles and there it was.

 The Contractor that did the job, decided that it was ok to leave the Chinese drywall behind the banister poles as can be see in the picture on the top will also notice that the piece behind the pole goes all the way up to the wood & the replaced drywall stops ¾ of a inch short. (place mouse over pictures to enlarge)

We are not sure why he did this other than laziness, poor workmanship and lack of knowledge, either way it would have taken a day to remove and fix it while he was there doing the rest of the work. Instead he left it and tried to cover it up thinking no one would know, “ The bad news for him is even 4 pieces 3”x 6” stinks! ”

Chinese drywall in a way is like a fire damage, none of it can be left behind or it will smell.

The outcome of this mistake cost the homeowner 3 months more of down time, a couple of thousand dollars to find it and then all the repairs that were needed to fix it.

This is what sets us apart, we have years of dealing with smell causing contaminates be it mold, water & Fire damages, our crews know not to leave anything behind.

Chinese drywall testing
Chinese drywall inspections & testing

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“Don’t  let this happen to you”

• Not only is it bad enough to have Chinese drywall, it’s even worse when you hire someone to remove it and they leave some behind.

• No matter what : Do not leave any Chinese drywall behind, either because it’s hard to get to or involves a little more time to remove. “It will smell”

Here you can see where the Chinese drywall was left behind the banister poles after the reconstruction was completed.

It took a lot of time & effort to find this mistake, it also cost the home owner a lot more money to find it, than if they would have just fixed it in the first place.

Chinese drywall Testing

We utilize Borascopes and a XFR Gas Detection gun, this way the impact of Chinese drywall Testing doesn’t involve cutting section of drywall out and sending it to a lab. The lab comes to you and all the drywall can be tested to insure that a sheet of Chinese drywall isn’t hiding amongst good drywall.

Chinese drywall Testing / Inspections